We are factory trained and certified by Generac, Kohler, and Winco to perform warranty work, repairs, and maintenance. 



Electrical Problems
You always want to make sure the electronics are working for your generator. We have the equitment to test the electrical system to make sure everything is getting power, and when there is not we will find the problem and repair it. From transfers switches to solenoids, you never know what can happen to the generators electrical system.



Internal engine repairs is what are preventative maintence plan tries to eliminate. Proper engine maintence will keep your engine running strong, but when something fails we respond quickly to get your generator back online.


Mechanical Problems
From starters to water pumps many mechanical problems can occur to generators. Don't let them prevent your generator from running. We will diagnose and replace the part for you. We always strive to find the best parts at the best value.

New Heater Hoses and Batteries.